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When does your business need temp-to-hire placements

When does your business need temp-to-hire placements?

Many large and small organizations hire permanent placement employees in their offices. Still, they are unsure whether they are excellent at their work. Even when they need a professional for a specific project or seasonal employment, they must undergo a traditional hiring process. So Kairos Services offers you temp-to-hire placement. It is very cost-effective and flexible and helps you find the best fit for your organization and then choose them for permanent placement in your company.

Overview of Temp-to-Hire Solution

Temp-to-hire placements, also known as contract-to-hire or temp-to-perm agreements, are job contracts in which a person is initially recruited temporarily with the option to become a permanent employee after a certain period. Organizations and applicants profit from this arrangement, which is common in various industries.

Overview of Temp-to-Hire Solution
Advantages of Temp-to-Hire for Employers

Advantages of Temp-to-Hire for Employers

Temp-to-hire placements offer a unique approach to hiring that benefits small and large businesses.

Evaluation of Skills:

Before becoming a temporary worker permanently, companies can evaluate the person's abilities, work ethic, and cultural fit with the company.

Reduced Hiring Risks:

Employers may reduce the chance of making an ineffective permanent hire by evaluating a candidate's performance throughout the temporary period.


Hiring temporary workers is a great way to cover project- or seasonal-based jobs without hiring full-time employees. You can also scale your staff up or down according to your needs.

Faster Hiring Process:

Companies can immediately fill temporary positions compared to permanent ones, allowing companies to address immediate staffing needs promptly.

Cost Effective:

Since organizations do not have to commit to long-term employment benefits, hiring temporary workers immediately may be more cost-effective.

Advantages of Temp-to-Hire for Employers

How We Match Candidates with Employers

Define your needs:

Job description: Identify this temporary role's duties, necessary abilities, and qualifications.
Duration: Indicate how long you plan to keep the temporary positions.
Conversion potential: If the individual does well, are you willing to move from a temporary role to a permanent one?

Engaging a Staffing Agency:

The business may partner with Kairos Services to assist with hiring. The recruiting agency finds and evaluates applicants for temporary jobs.

Job Posting and Recruitment:

Kairos Services advertises temporary employment through various platforms, including databases, social media, and online job boards, to attract applicants with specific requirements and responsibilities.

Interviews with the Client organizations:

After the chosen applicants are given to the client, an evaluation is conducted to see if the candidates fit the temporary position and the corporate culture.

Temporary Placement:

Kairos Services temporarily hires a chosen candidate, taking on the role of employer of record, with additional management responsibilities like payroll and benefits.

We are Best at

Managing every aspect, required for better performing of the candidate for your ease and productivity

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the duration of a typical temp-to-hire placement?

    The duration varies based on the employer's needs but generally ranges from a few months to a year, allowing sufficient time to evaluate the candidate's fit.

  • Can businesses request specific skill sets for temp-to-hire positions?

    Absolutely, businesses can specify the skill sets and experience levels they require, and Kairos will match suitable candidates accordingly.

  • What happens if a temp-to-hire employee is not a good fit?

    If an employee doesn’t meet expectations, Kairos will work with the client to find a more suitable replacement.

  • Are there any industries where temp-to-hire placements are particularly effective?

    Temp-to-hire placements are effective across various industries, especially in roles where job performance is critical to evaluate before a long-term commitment.

  • Does Kairos handle the administrative aspects of temp-to-hire placements?

    Yes, Kairos manages all administrative details, including contracts, payroll, and compliance, during the temp-to-hire period.

1 Stop Solution Case Study

Before Kairos Services

We experienced a lengthy and ineffective hiring procedure before working with Kairos Services. Recruiting qualified individuals, handling payroll management, and ensuring that onboarding went well were difficult. This resulted in delays, increased costs, and frustration among our team.

After Kairos Services

The employment process has been significantly improved by partnering with Kairos Services, enabling rapid identification of qualified candidates, smooth administrative management, and a smooth onboarding procedure, leading to increased team output, decreased expenses, and improved business growth.

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